"When your work is appreciated, it feels good..."

Nina Metz, Chicago Tribune:  "...very strong performance by Rainee Denham as the elegantly meddlesome mother who is trying to remedy past mistakes and wants the best for her daughter..." 

Jack Helbig, Chicago Reader: " Rainee Denham turns in a fine, passionate performance.”

Kerry Reid, Chicago Tribune:  “In a...moving flashback, Rainee Denham's Mary pointedly explains — first to Austin, and then directly to the audience — what it's like to be trapped with full consciousness inside a body (in her case, a dancer's body) that no longer obeys the desires of her mind.
Adelaide Lee, TheaterMania:  “When matriarch Mary finally appears onstage via flashback, she does not disappoint.  Denham plays a nuanced combination of fragility and steely resolve.”

Scott Morgan, Windy City Times:
  “But the heart of the play is a powerfully acted scene with Rainee Denham.” 

Karin McKie, Third Coast Reviews:  "​The performances are universally solid...the figures of history (Rainee Denham) science (Shariba Rivers) and religion (Marssie Mencotti) execute excellent mask work."

Alan Bresloff, Around The Town Chicago:  "...onstage with Ron Hawking...the lovely Rainee Denham does a solid performance of “All That Jazz” from “Chicago”...

Scott Kirshenbaum, Chicago Theatre & Concert Reviews: "The women did a remarkable job of holding the audience emotionally spellbound. There were 23 characters in the production capably covered by 9 talented actors."

Larry Bommer, Stage and Cinema:  "​In...Brian Pastor’s excellent remount...all 23 characters are played by nine actresses...It’s a sterling—and successful—opportunity for superb performers to tackle roles not otherwise available that showcase their skills and chops."