Karin McKie, Third Coast Reviews:  "​The performances are universally solid...the figures of history (Rainee Denham) science (Shariba Rivers) and religion (Marssie Mencotti) execute excellent mask work."

Larry Bommer, Stage and Cinema:  "​In...Brian Pastor’s excellent remount...all 23 characters are played by nine actresses...It’s a sterling—and successful—opportunity for superb performers to tackle roles not otherwise available that showcase their skills and chops."

"When your work is appreciated, it feels good..."

Alan Bresloff, Around The Town Chicago:  "...onstage with Ron Hawking...the lovely Rainee Denham does a solid performance of “All That Jazz” from “Chicago”...

Scott Kirshenbaum, Chicago Theatre & Concert Reviews: "The women did a remarkable job of holding the audience emotionally spellbound. There were 23 characters in the production capably covered by 9 talented actors."

Nina Metz, Chicago Tribune:  "...very strong performance by Rainee Denham as the elegantly meddlesome mother who is trying to remedy past mistakes and wants the best for her daughter..." 

Jack Helbig, Chicago Reader: " Rainee Denham turns in a fine, passionate performance.”

Kerry Reid, Chicago Tribune:  “In a...moving flashback, Rainee Denham's Mary pointedly explains — first to Austin, and then directly to the audience — what it's like to be trapped with full consciousness inside a body (in her case, a dancer's body) that no longer obeys the desires of her mind.
Adelaide Lee, TheaterMania:  “When matriarch Mary finally appears onstage via flashback, she does not disappoint.  Denham plays a nuanced combination of fragility and steely resolve.”

Scott Morgan, Windy City Times:
  “But the heart of the play is a powerfully acted scene with Rainee Denham.”