When I was nine...

...I was given a solo in the church choir. Afterwards, I was taken out to lunch. Being from a family of 6 kids, the attention was rare. I stayed in the choir! The rest of my life has been a passion for studying, working and growing in theater, TV/Film, and voiceover. My career was far from linear, however.

I went off the grid as an actress to create a marketing company. I did this while raising my son to ensure his education and opportunities. These are tough choices a parent has to make. But I discovered I had a pretty good head for business as I built my own start-up. I produced sales meetings, trade shows, videos and road shows for Fortune 500 companies like Xerox, IBM, Abbott Labs, and more. I've won 25 marketing awards, published articles, and was a keynote speaker at industry events. I also created a patented think tank called "The Idea Kitchen" and had patents on two interactive tools..."The Idea Sandwich" and "Thought Soup". I wrote a book on creativity and traveled the world teaching these principles.   

Then 9/11 effectively killed my industry. I lost everything, and had to start from scratch. I could cry and go into the fetal position, or I could rise up. I went into real estate. It allowed me to earn a good living while continuing to record voice overs, sing in jazz clubs and sing supporting vocals on more than a dozen albums, record my own CD, and most importantly, keep my son in private school.

When he left for college, and the recession of 2008 hit, I had to again rethink what I really wanted at of this stage of my life. I went inward. I volunteered, I sewed, I meditated, I took a spiritual retreat to India. But it was seeing my Mom her final years from 2007 to 2014 that changed my perspective. Being with her made me vow to do what was in my heart and not have regrets. I decided to go back to theater.

I signed up with Shirley Hamilton Talent, went back to classes, auditioned, and started to work. I graduated the conservatory at The Academy at Black Box Acting.  And now I am working in theater, TV/Film and Commercial, voice-overs, producing and writing.

xoxo RD